about us

Welcome! If you are here and reading this, then we are already half-way there to ~ deliciousness!

We are a small independent local pizza shop with big aspirations and grand dreams of becoming one of the world’s legendary Pizza Brands!

King Crust’s story begins, here in the heart of Mount Lebanon, Pittsburgh; in February of 2018, with the greatest community we could have ever asked for.

“King Crust” is a pure example of deliciousness, authenticity; homemade, flavorful, healthy and stone baked pizzas which come in variety of crusts.

What makes us different?

Our pizzas define flavor, lightness, freshness and deliciousness!

We go above and beyond to provide fresh, healthy and tasty ingredients in everything we serve, for our community; We are committed to authenticity and quality of our ingredients: all the fresh, colorful vegetables are cut and prepared for the day every day, premium quality meet products are generously spread on our pizzas and the smell of cheese and stone baked crusts will leave you craving for more of our pizzas. We use olive oil exclusively for all of our crusts and for our house garlic sauce. There is no dairy products or eggs in any of our crusts. Our menu offers “gluten free” products as well.

King Crust team consists of members who have years and years of experience in the Pizza World, who have build special bond with dough and the pizza craft; including our young members who are full of energy and motivation.

Everyday is a new day for us to make a difference with one slice at a time! Everyday, we sum up the day with a new lesson we have learned and prepare for the next one.

Enough about us! Tell us about “YOU”! Like they say its better to see it once, than thousand explanations ~ We invite you to taste it at least once and share your experience with us! We promise, we will win your “heart” one slice at a time!

With much flavor, flame and love

King Crust team!